Huygens Scripting

Process your images with automated scripts

With Huygens Essential and Huygens Professional, which both have extensive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's), you can explore the best deconvolution settings for a specific image or set of images. Huygens Scripting, which does not show any images, is the production tool that enables you to process a large number of images automatically.

Huygens Scripting is a reduced version of Huygens Core, and it is intended for small applications in small laboratories.

Read also about the Batch Processor for Huygens Essential.


The Huygens Scripting windows (click to open larger view).

Offline restoration

Huygens Scripting only has one window as it's graphical user interface. It is possible to suppress this interface and have Huygens Scripting work as an offline restoration engine, without having to be logged in at the actual moments Huygens is restoring your images.

Write your own scripts

Huygens Scripting thanks its name to the possibility to write your own scripts to execute on your images. Scripts allow you to automate any combination of your restoration routines. Writing scripts for Huygens Scripting is very easy since it uses the popular Tcl scripting language.


The user guide offers clear documentation on Huygens Scripting. It explains the different scripts that are available and it explains how to write your own scripts. You can download a PDF manual from our download section or check out the last chapters of the Huygens Core manual online.


You can download Huygens Scripting here.

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