Scientific Volume Imaging is well-known for its Huygens Software. We develop high-quality restoration, visualization, and analysis options for 2D to 3D-time multi-channel microscopic images. Huygens is used around the world in imaging facilities with high standards of scientific research. Among our customers are all top-20 Universities of the Times World University Rankings 2013-2014.

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Huygens Imaging Course September 2014

We kindly invite you to join our imaging course at our SVI headquarters in Hilversum (The Netherlands) on September 25 and 26.

Two of our staff members are discussing images with the course participants
Two of our staff members are discussing images with the course participants

Subjects that will be discussed during this intensive course are:
- Imaging pitfalls and how to improve image acquisition
- Spherical Aberration
- Microscope Point Spread Function
- Deconvolution
- STED (3X) imaging
- 3D Rendering and Analysis
- Chromatic Shift Correction
- Image Stabilization and Tracking
- Working with difficult microscopical data (hands-on; participants can bring their own microscopical data with them)

Quotes of previous participants and more information can be found on this wiki page:
http://www.svi.nl/TrainingAndCourses(external link)

If you are interested in more details and/or pricing you are welcome to contact us at info Image .

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